“Being named to the CIX Top 20 for 2021 has been such a blessing for Hop In Technologies. We were able to spark some amazing conversations with VC's at CIX and we have now completed raising our seed round! I cannot thank you enough for selecting us and I just wanted you to know how much being part of CIX has helped our company already.”

Erich Ko, CEO, Co-Founder, Hop In Technologies

 “CIX 2021 exceeded my expectations. The agenda boasted an impressive array of speakers and found just the right balance of content to networking opportunities. Kudos to the organizers for providing the tools and platform to make connecting easy. And kudos to the entire community for being so engaged. I walked away with meaningful contacts and plans to follow up. Looking forward to 2022.”

Sarah Currie, Director, Uniity, Livewire Communications

 “CIX is one of the most prominent conferences that every investor and entrepreneur should know and participate in. The agenda was well thought through to ensure investors and start-ups to have high quality curated interaction. Beyond networking, it is also very exciting to listen to Top Growth and Top Early-Stage companies’ presentations and to celebrate Canadian companies’ success together as a community. Love it!”

Maggie Yun, Business Development Executive, OKR Financial

 “It was an honor to be part of this event and appreciate the great recognition for Trulioo!”

Amol Helekar, Investor, Technology Crossover Ventures

 “We found the CIX Digital Summit to be very beneficial. We have had a number of interactions with quality investors as a result and look forward to continuing the dialogue and exploring possible synergies.”

Jamie Davison, CEO, Stash Energy

 “I met some incredible new contacts and I was really impressed by the organization of the virtual meetings with professional investors.”

Jennifer Schell, CEO and President, Finliti

 “This year's virtual CIX far exceeded my expectations. I got direct access to dozens of potential investors and a chance to extend my network of like-minded startup peers. As an early-stage company, these connections are already opening doors to find critical funding and support for my growing business.”

Tanya Gough, Founder, StoryBilder

 “CIX was awesome.. seriously! I had never been through a 7 min one-on-one meeting setup before and it clearly is the best way to have an initial understanding of startups/investors leading to additional conversations thereafter. I really really appreciated the process. The investors I met there were brilliant and nice leads for potential investment in our Series A.”

Jade Doucet-Martineau, Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Puzzle Medical Devices

 “You and your teammates are truly amazing. I attended dozens and dozens of all kinds of international professional conferences around the world over my 25 years of banking and entrepreneur career, the digital CIX Summit was top of the notch. ”

Eileen Xu, CEO & Founder, HEHe Match Inc.

 “’The CIX 2021 online event was of great quality and organization, which made it very easy to connect and begin conversations with potential partners and investors. We have gained a lot from CIX as a company. I highly recommend it.”

Tatiana Estevez, Founder & CEO, Permalution

 “Your virtual platform was really good. Easy to review the agenda and enter each ‘room’. The sessions were also great- excellent speakers and discussions. My personal experience is that CIX is the best Canadian startup event because it is the right size and stays true to a Canadian theme. Excellent event!”

Michael Wozniak, Trade Commissioner, Consulate of Canada Silicon Valley (Silicon Valley)

 “Terrific event. Kudos for making it work so well in COVID. Quality of people and companies was high.”

Paul Ciriello, Partner, Fairhaven Capital Partners

 “Thank you to the CIX team for the phenomenal recognition as a CIX Top 20 company and the opportunities it brings. It was such an honour for me and Savormetrics to participate in the CIX events. It is humbling and motivating to look at the CIX Top 20 alumni and what they went on to accomplish. You could very easily have canceled this year’s event due to CoVID, and we are thankful you did not. It was organized so well. I have already had about 35-40 high potential leads/contacts due to this recognition and the event.”

Harjeet Bajaj, President & CEO, Savormetrics Inc.

 “We were honoured to be selected in the Top 20 this year, and excited to take part in the Summit and Meeting Exchanges as CIX is well known for its exceptional ability to pair high growth early stage companies with some of the best venture groups in North America. This year presented some specific challenges. I was thoroughly impressed and grateful for the CIX team who seamlessly re-created the Exchanges virtually - Acorn participated heavily and I expect these meetings to be material as we approach our Series A.”

Drew Taylor, MSc, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Acorn Biolabs Inc.

 “We are thrilled to be selected as a CIX Top 20 Early company! The virtual summit was very professional and gave us the chance to engage with several potential investors. It was an amazing opportunity for us to present our technology and showcase our hard work.”

Dr. Karim Karim, Chief Technology Officer, KA Imaging

 “When we first learnt that we were selected as a top innovative company by CIX, we were excited. However, once we had the chance to learn more about the other selected companies, we felt truly honoured to be included with such a remarkable group of talented and successful entrepreneurs. We also enjoyed the opportunity to be in a network with so many leading Canadian investors. Overall, this was a special experience for the whole Shipfusion team and we can't thank CIX enough for this great honour.”

Brandon Luft, Co-Founder & CEO, Shipfusion

 “Thank you to CIX and everyone Involved, it was our pleasure to pitch and to win (Startup World Cup Canadian Regional). It surprised us completely! We are very happy for the honour and notoriety this prestigious award now brings us! Our team was so happy and in especially 2020, it could not have been better timing to win this. As virtual events go, CIX was so well done! Networking was easy, met some great entrepreneurs and investors. The sessions were interesting, relevant and simple to find and access virtually. I hope to attend CIX live in 2021, but this was a cool experience! And I really enjoyed opening the TSX with CIX!”

Catherine Dahl, CEO, Beanworks

 “It is an honour to be selected as CIX top 10 Growth just 3 years after we received the CIX Top 20 award. Thank you for putting such an amazing show and although the programs were offered virtually, they were highly informative, providing great insights into the state of the tech industry in Canada. CIX enables participants to make connections with other entrepreneurs and investors to expand the ecosystem.”

Eli Fathi, CEO, MindBridge Analytics

 “It's an honour to be part of CIX Top 10 Growth companies. We started the company 4 years ago, with the vision of making access to healthcare simple and affordable. We are grateful to experience such rapid growth and have a real and significant impact on the lives of millions of Canadians.”

Jean-Nicolas Guillemette, Chief Operating Officer, Dialogue Technologies Inc.

 “Congrats on a successful digital summit. I enjoyed the experience particularly chatting with many great companies at the Virtual Network tables providing them with an investor perspective while learning from each other.”

Chevonae Walcott, Investor, Relay Ventures

 “The entrepreneurs that presented at CIX were impressive and showcase Canada’s world-class capabilities. As a country, we need to celebrate our success stories and broadcast them to the world. We also need our innovation leaders to support our most promising entrepreneurs with mentorship to help them scale. CIX achieved this in a single event with high-calibre delegates and opportunities for meaningful networking. Congratulations to Lauren and the team on a remarkable event!”

Claudio Rojas, CEO, National Angel Capital Organization (NACO)

 “Senso was founded in the heart of the Canadian innovation ecosystem, and being recognized as one of Canada's top innovators is an exciting moment for our team. Having the stamp of approval from CIX motivates us to strive for unicorn status as a proud Canadian-based company. Thank you Canada... we wouldn't be here without you.”

Saroop Bharwani, Co-Founder and CEO, Senso AI

 “Being recognized as a CIX TOP 20 company in 2020 is a great endorsement of BluWave-ai’s aim to build one of the world's premium renewable energy AI companies in Canada. In this time of pandemic restrictions, the award provides a boost to employee morale and investor confidence. It is also valuable to our export business to be known as a top tier tech company in Canada. Thank you, CIX.”

Devashish Paul, CEO/Founder, BluWave-ai

 “We were honoured to be selected as a 2019 CIX Top 20 company, and I was thrilled to be able to showcase our business to the room full of outstanding innovators and leaders. CIX was an excellent forum to gain exposure and recognition, and we wear our nomination proudly.”

Helen Stevenson, Founder and CEO, Reformulary Group Inc.

 “It's both an honor and a privilege for PostBeyond to be a part of the 2019 CIX Top 20 companies. This recognition gives us the pleasure of showcasing our innovation to a room full of investors and corporates. The best part of the experience was building new connections with like-minded individuals, founders and companies within the CIX community.”

David Lloyd, CEO, PostBeyond

“CIX has been a great experience! I look forward to the conference every year, in learning about the latest in Canadian tech. I have also enjoyed the programming available, especially the Founders Share and the CIX Cop 20 and Top 10 Showcases. I found a lot of value in hearing people's experiences and having a chance to connect with them afterwards.”

Cherry Rose Tan, Founder & CEO, For Founders by Founders

"Thanks to CIX for putting on this great event. It was an honour to be selected as a CIX Top 10 Growth company, and to share Bold's story with an engaged group of innovators and investors. Having been through the process of finding an investment partner ourselves, I see how valuable this event can be for high growth start-ups looking to make connections and scale their business."

Yvan Boisjoli, Co-Founder and CEO, Bold Commerce

“Cinchy's selection as a CIX Top 20 company was a great validation of our mission to revolutionize how the enterprise builds new technology and protects Data Privacy. We were honoured to be recognized as one of Canada’s most innovative companies and we met multiple new prospects, partners, and media at this year's CIX.”

Dan DeMers, CEO and Co-Founder, Cinchy

"CIX is where innovators connect. Klue was honoured to be part of CIX's top innovators list and had the opportunity not only to present our innovation but make great connections and interact with fellow innovators and investors who want to propel your business forward.”

Jason Smith, Co-founder and CEO Klue

"I attended CIX 2018 for the first time as a founder of one of the CIX Top 20. I was very impressed by the event, attendees, commitment to schedule and organizers. For IRYStec as a startup in high tech community, it was a very valuable event to make connections to well-known VCs, network with other entrepreneurs and hear success and failure stories. If you are a startup founder or a VC, I strongly recommend CIX. We hope to be present there again next year with IRYStec."

Dr. Tara Akhavan, Co-founder & CTO, IRYStec

“Being recognized as a Top 20 Most Innovative Company in Canada through the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) was a hugely validating as skritswap continues to grow. CIX lives their mission to uplift and connect key partners--such as corporate, investors, and startups--to accelerate the development and implementation of new ideas and drive economic growth. This mission in practice is evidenced when they give the CIX Top 20 opportunities to present."

Melissa Kargiannakis, Founder & CEO, skritswap

“This was my first year at CIX and it was a great event. We meet a handful of new companies as well as investors. The CIXchange portal was helpful for finding people, reaching out, and setting up meetings. Thanks for organizing and we will be back!”

Matthew Bressler, Principal, TDF Ventures, (Maryland, US)

“Attending CIX 2018 on behalf of eSight was truly a pleasure. Having the opportunity to showcase our revolutionary technology alongside other innovative companies, and join an alumni group with some truly remarkable businesses, is an honour. At the conference, I had the opportunity to meet a number of incredible founders, supportive VC's and helpful service providers, all of which will be instrumental in helping our business grow. For any company which relies on innovation as a competitive advantage, I would strongly encourage them to attend CIX to take advantage of the benefits that this community offers.”

Brian Mech, President and CEO, eSight

“Impressive turnout! Tough to get that quality of capital in the room at the same time!”

Brady Fletcher, Managing Director & Head of TSX Venture Exchange

"CIX has firmly established itself as a premier tech conference that provides attendees with a unique opportunity to network with some of the most innovative leaders in tech."

Michael Cotton, Director, Zone Startups Sports & Media, Ryerson Futures Inc.

“Making my way to Toronto to participate in CIX was well worth the trip. I made several meaningful connections to Canadian startups and VCs, and found the conference an efficient way to connect my Silicon Valley contacts (VCs) to key stakeholders in the Canadian tech and venture ecosystems.”

Scott Giesbrecht, Head of Office, Consulate of Canada in Silicon Valley

"Being a CIX Top 20 puts my team in an exclusive class of Canadian talent, which we can leverage for best-in-class mindshare. I'd recommend all innovative Canadian startups apply and attend the conference."

Tyler Handley, Co-founder inkbox

"It's a real honour for Borrowell to be recognized as a CIX Top 20 company, particularly because it's an award that many of the country's top tech companies have won. I really enjoyed CIX this year and met some great people."

Andrew Graham, Co-founder and CEO, Borrowell

"Receiving CIX Top 20 recognition really validated the work of our team at Myant, and helped make important connections with potential investors and strategic partners."

Tony Chahine CEO, Myant Inc.

"CIX is where you’ll connect with the best Canadian tech talent from coast to coast. It's a critical event for anyone in the innovation ecosystem — it's where deals are made.”

Brenda Hogan, Senior Investment Manager, Ontario Capital Growth Corporation

"CIX is a must attend event! Provides a great pulse on the fintech industry and fantastic networking opportunities."

Peggy Van De Plassche, VP - Innovation Engagement, Technology and Enterprise Innovation, CIBC

“CIX is viewed as a key event in the VC calendar, bringing together Canada's leading technology start ups with a broad range of investors and ecosystem partners.”

Alison Nankivell, Vice President, Global Scaling, BDC Capital

“CIX Top 20 is an important way to recognize entrepreneurs onto something big. CIX is a fantastic full day experience both for the investors and the entrepreneurs”

Sunil Sharma, Managing Partner, Techstars Toronto

"As a new startup, it was validating to have the CIX Top 20 Program recognize integrate.ai as a top innovator and our potential to become a global leader. The Canadian technology ecosystem is so vibrant and it's programs like CIX that provide yet another platform to showcase our country's talent.”

Steve Irvine, Founder and CEO, integrate.ai

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