Speaker Mohamed Sheta


Mohamed Sheta

Co-Founder & CEO

AiZtech Labs

I’m the Co-founder and CEO of AiZtech (pronounced as Eyes.tek); a deep tech company launching a novel digital health platform called Selfie Diagnostics that can screen different medical conditions like COVID-19 or Hypertension and others from just Selfie Images with results in 30 seconds. We are on a mission to unlock the power of now as a solution for health equity using first-in-class technology. Before that, I had fun disrupting the global diabetes care market during my 7 years at Johnson & Johnson MedTech where I lead global commercial marketing for patients and payers. Prior to that, I had even more fun disrupting consumer and pharma markets during my 15 years of operational & global leadership roles at companies like Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Organon and GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health. I love soccer, fishing, cars and reading. I hold an MBA from Strathclyde University – UK and currently live in lovely Toronto.


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