Meeting Exchanges

For early and growth-stage companies only:

Meeting Exchanges are CIX’s popular one-on-one, pre-arranged meetings between entrepreneurs and leading North American investors who are the hosts.

These face to face meetings are a valuable opportunity for advice, building a relationship and potential funding/partnership.

Specifically designed to be eight (8)-minute time slots, with a two (2)-minute transition time between meetings, CIX Meeting Exchanges have facilitated thousands of partnerships and has led to millions of dollars in financings.

The platform to book these meetings, CIXchange, will open three weeks prior to CIX. Please note, space is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. A total of SIX Meeting Exchange spots can be reserved in advance, and you may also participate in additional meetings onsite by joining the waiting line based on availability of investor hosts.

NOTE: Before you make your selection, it is important that you read the hosts’ investment interests to ensure you fit their profile.

If you are an early or growth-stage company, you will need to register for CIX to gain access to book your meetings.

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