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Brian Sharp


Onset Communication Inc

Brian was the first PEACE CORPS baby born overseas, in Uganda.  He has lived and worked all over the world, gaining extensive relevant experience in the film and TV industry.  Inspired by his great uncle, Yogi, Brian values reliability and kindness over all other qualities.  Brian brings a vision to the company’s objectives with a goal of making tools that increase productivity to help in the creative process. His taste and tolerance sets the bar for all Onset Communication projects.  As much kindness and tolerance he has for people, he has the inverse tolerance for technology.  “It has to just work and never need a manual to figure out!”

Brian has worked in the film and TV industry for 25 years.  Throughout his career he has been inventing and innovating technology solutions to streamline productivity in film and TV for companies like Nelvana (developed non-linear post workflow), and Trapeze Animation Studios Inc. (developed proprietary asset management software).  His experience as a Producer and Director of Photography makes him uniquely qualified to appreciate the workflow and production needs for on-set communication between artists.

As a Production Manager and producer for live action and animation production, Brian particularly understands how artists think and process information in the creation of story based entertainment (a dramatic film or series).  He has worked with artists for years developing cognitive models to help him and others manage large teams of right brain thinker.

As a Director of Photography, Brian knows what the camera department needs and understands the technical workflow from capturing content through to editing.  But his key focus is on productivity to either increase creativity within the constraints of the production schedule and/or increase productivity without sacrificing quality, to save money.

Brian has done almost every job there is in film and TV, except hair and makeup.  In his first two years on set, he was as grip, gaffer, electric, carpenter, security, camera assistant, camera operator, actor, and unit manager.  The next seven years he spent as an editor (both film and video) and on-line editor in video, on TV projects.  His dream jobs have included being the special fx supervisor on a series, director of photography and visual fx artist on several commercials, and producer and production manager for visual fx, commercials and TV series.


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