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Bianca Lopes

Chief Identity Officer


Bianca is an owner and Chief Identity Officer at BioConnect. It’s not a title you hear very often, but it’s becoming more and more important in our ever-connected world. As the CEO’s right-hand woman, Bianca runs BioConnect’s Cloud Business (BioConnect ID) and is responsible for business development, product development and marketing. With the bold task of redefining identity globally. She and her team are developing large global strategic partnerships multiple verticals, currently fast-growing on Banking, FinTech, Blockchain and Technology.

She is refreshingly vocal (and REAL) with just about every topic of conversation. From talking about some of the tougher aspects of being an entrepreneur to why mentorship and self-awareness are two things she attributes to her success - and won’t give up as her career progresses. Before joining BioConnect, she began her journey as an entrepreneur immigrating to Canada from Brazil, and starting and selling two businesses - one in trades and one in software, all before the age of 27.

A massive and proud geek, she is a tremendous supporter of education. Bianca has advanced degrees in Politics, Finance & Mathematics and is obsessed with the idea of technology being used for better insights and as a pattern predictor for stronger decision-making. She spends countless hours studying how to redefine identity through biometrics, AI and machine learning. Bianca continues to see the growing necessity for biometrics as channels converge and the world communicates in a constantly evolving omni-channel capacity to connect the unconnected world.


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