Speaker Maithili Mavinkurve

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Maithili Mavinkurve

Co-founder and COO

Sightline Innovation

Maithili is an experienced engineer and executive leader with over 15 years experience in software engineering, programming, database management and re nement. Maithili completed Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto and became a key engineer of an enterprise software instrumentation platform sold to RIM (now Blackberry).

As the Founder and COO of Sightline Innovation Maithili has connected complex science and business with the goal of creating a leading global technology company around AI and Deep Learning. Sightline’s proprietary AI engine reveals hidden patterns, transforming data into knowledge, with applications for agriculture, biosecurity, health care, manufacturing and military.

Maithili has assembled one of the largest concentrations of machine learning scientists in Canada’s
private sector with the mandate of advancing the technology and delivering solutions to solve global needs.


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