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Rob Douglas

Founder, Chairman and CEO


Rob Douglas is the Chairman and CEO of BioConnect. Over the last fourteen years, he has been providing global market leadership in the biometric identity market. He was formerly Board Member, President and CEO of Bioscrypt Inc from 2003 to 2009 (BYT.TO) which was successfully sold to L-1 Identity Solutions (ID:NYSE) in 2008. Prior to that Rob was instrumental in shaping high growth technology companies as a former leader at IBM, Oracle and Siebel Systems. While at Siebel Systems, Rob led a hyper growth business unit from $1m to $110m in less than 4 years. After leading the sale of Bioscrypt, Rob began an entrepreneurial journey founding BioConnect and the “Quest for Rightful Identity” to fundamentally change identity verification and subsequently return trillions of dollars in fraud and the costs associated with operational friction to the world’s enterprises. His founding belief was that the 7 billion people on this planet are better served to prove their rightful identity by being themselves for every transaction in life. What happens to your day when you cannot remember your password or have lost your key or card? With his strong business acumen, Rob sees the impact to fraud and operational friction to corporations, financial institutions, healthcare, education and government organizations that would save billions in costs if they simply interacted with people.

Learn more about BioConnect and the vision Rob created at www.bioconnect.com or follow Rob on Twitter at @RobMDouglas7.


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